For Mowers 6 Years Old & Older

The complete list of benefits, details, as well as the service agreement terms and conditions are listed on the service agreement details page. You must agree to the terms and conditions listed therein in order to purchase this agreement. Click the buttons below to view the service agreement details page, as well as to view an actual copy of the service agreement:

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To sign up for our service agreement, if your mower is 6 years old or older, simply select the desired option below for inspection. However, if your mower is 6 years or older and we have already serviced your mower this year, there is no need to go through an additional inspection, simply call us at 336.768.1055 and we will provide your code over the phone.

After your inspection & approval, you will be given an authorization code to enter in the buy now box at the bottom of this page. This will activate your ability to purchase our service agreement online. If, for some reason, the condition of your mower does not allow us to place it under our service contract plan, you will still receive our attention to detail and we will make every effort to bring your machine up to our standards or we will inform you of your best options.

If you would prefer to purchase the contract offline, you may do so by calling us at the number on the bottom of the page or your may click the "view contract" button at the top of the page, print 2 copies, sign both copies, and include your check for ($233 for walk-behind mowers, $495 for riding mowers, $558 for zero turns, $573 for rider / walker combo packages), and mail to: The LawnMower Medic, ATTN: Robert Baker, 1700 HWY 66 South, Westfield NC 27053.

Purchase Your Inspection & Basic Service:

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