All purchase options and payment options on this website can be accessed via this page.

Parts Payments / Other Payments

If you have been asked to go online and pay for parts or for another unique item or quote, please enter the amount in the below box and click the "Pay Now" button.


Purchase Quick Service / Inspection

Purchase our quick service, which comes with our inspection for the service agreement.

Purchase Repair

Purchase this option only if a repair is needed. We will come out and assess / inspect your mower and provide a quote for repair.


Purchase Service Agreement

If your mower is less than 5 years old -or- if you have been serviced by the LawnMower Medic in 2016, you may use this option to purchase our 3 Year Service Agreement. Otherwise, your mower will need to be inspected in order to be placed on our service agreement program.

Total Item Cost:

Purchase Service Agreement with Code

If you have been given an inspection approval code to purchase our service agreement, please enter the code below:

If you have lost your code please call us to get your code. Also, if your mower is older than 5 years old, but you have already been serviced by us in 2016, please call us to get your code.